I Help Millennials Live a Fulfilling Life With Less Stress & More Ease 

If you're here right now you're probably feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. You are doing all of the things all of the time and yet you feel unfulfilled.

You are always there for everyone you care about but you have a hard time always showing up for yourself and speaking your truth. This has caused you to feel burnt out, stressed out and unsure what to do next. You aren't living the life you want and I have good news for you.

Feeling this way is common, especially if you are a heart-centered person who deeply cares for others.

I specialize in working with millennials who are feeling how you are feeling and want to figure out how to have better better boundaries, more fulfilling relationships and a more authentic life all while doing it with less stress and more ease.


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Hi, I'm Caitlan 

Welcome! I can't wait to travel this path together. I'm glad you're here and as long as we're getting to know each other, here are some tidbits about me: 

I'm an optimistic realist. 

I'm a deep thinker.

I thrive on change & adventure. 

I've always been curious about humanity and the stories we tell.

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