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I help people who feel lost, stuck or uncertain regain connection and clarity.


About Me

Hi, I'm Caitlan Siegenthaler. I'm so glad you're here.

I am an English speaking counselor (LPC), a business professional and a speaker. 


My services are available online for the global community and in person in Zurich, Switzerland.​

My Process

I thrive on connecting with people and guiding them through life's challenges and transitions.


I create an open, nonjudgmental space in which we can do our work together. It is my goal that you feel supported and understood if you choose to do counseling with me.


I am always honored by the invitation to work alongside my clients. 

Relational Therapy

Relationships are pivotal to our survival and ability to thrive as humans. I offer support for those struggling in any type of relationship. People see me when they want to experience a shift in the relationships with their partners, co-workers, friends, parents, siblings, family members or others. This is for you if you want to improve relationships in your life. Today is the day you start to enjoy and cherish your relationships. It's time to love each and every connection you have in your life. View the 'My Process' section for more information about the methodologies I use to support this work.

Personal Counseling

I see you. You are overthinking and overanalyzing—wondering where to begin to make a change. I can help. I've helped hundreds of people around the globe, including expats, gain connection, clarity and insight. I specialize in working in areas of anxiety, burnout, shame, stress, expat work and adjusting to change or transitions. Write me and let me know how I can hep you! View the 'My Process' section for more information about the methodologies I use to support this work.

Career Consulting

In my late 20's I changed careers to pursue passion and purpose over climbing the corporate ladder. Today, I guide other people into the career they want and deserve. Industries are shifting and this calls for more innovation and self-leadership than ever before. I've helped many people find their footing in their career and finally step in to their full potential. For information about my experience in this area check out the 'About Me' section. If you're ready to take the first step into shifting your career, write to me. I promise you won't regret it.


Contact Me

Want to learn more about how I can support you? Contact me today with any questions or to schedule a confidential consultation. I offer my initial consultations at no cost with no pressure. I'm here to help.

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