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Helping women in their 30s find self-acceptance & heal their relationships

Let's face it, you're pretty self aware. You know about your attachment style, you know your top love language and you know your triggers. On the surface things are A-okay... 

Yet your relationships are kind of...meh?  The last guy you dated totally broke your heart. You have a friendship that feels like crap & an email from your boss can send you into a spiral that lasts for hours.

If I may... this is where working with me comes in. I don't want to help you be more "aware" I use my years of work as a therapist and hefty toolkit of effective supports to actually get you the change you desire. 

That change is dating a guy who actually shares how he feels (refreshing!). That change is leaving coffee with a friend and feeling like you have more energy than when you arrived ( and it's not just the caffeine). That change is getting a "We need to talk" email from your boss at 5pm on a Friday and not thinking twice about it all weekend. 

If you're ready for lasting change that actually shifts your behavior instead of giving you more awareness...then dive on in with me! I'd love to work with you. 

Hi, I'm Caitlan.  

I'm that therapist you need when the other person won't go to therapy 🙃

Well, hello! I'm glad you're here and as long as we're getting to know each other, here is what you need to know about me:

I want everyone to have loving, thriving relationships, that's why I've dedicated my life's work to it.

I'm a big fan of Internal Family Systems Therapy both as a therapist and as a client.

I use Human Design as a way to help you move away from the "shoulds" & into alignment.

Curious and want to learn more? Click the about me link below or book a consultation to learn more about how I can help support you. 

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