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I help women make aligned changes in their careers & their relationships

You are likely feeling the pressure of where your friends are at and you notice yourself saying things like, “I’m not where I should be.” You know things need to shift in your professional life because you just can’t keep working this way and you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and dare I say it, burnt out??

Our late 20s and early 30s can be a time of challenge and change yet also one of growth. It doesn’t have to be stressful and chaotic. We can actually use this as an opportunity to create the exact life we want for ourselves. You can find that dream career, dream partnership and dream destination for your life because not all of us want 2.5 kids and a white picket fence.


I specialize in working with women who are high achieving and are going through this very special transitional time. For my friends out there into Astrology… it is also the time of our Saturn Return and we can use this energy to transition into our 30s with ease and calm.


I do this work because this was something I deeply desired during my transitional time in my late 20s and I just didn’t know anyone that was offering this level of support. I do this work because I also left the corporate world behind for a dream career & dream partnership and I want others to know they have the freedom to do the same. There is more than one way to live your life and I want to be an example of that.


Want to learn more about how I can help you? Click book a consult to sign up for a confidential consultation at no cost, with no pressure.

Hi, I'm Caitlan 

Welcome! I can't wait to travel this path together. I'm glad you're here and as long as we're getting to know each other, here are some tidbits about me: 

I'm an optimistic realist. 

I thrive on change & adventure. 

I've always been curious about humanity and the stories we tell.

I'm a big fan of Internal Family Systems Therapy both as a therapist and as a client.

Curious and want to learn more? Click the about me link below or book a consultation to learn more about how I can help support you. 

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